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Photobook by Giacinto Mozzetta Photographer
(30 x 30 cm Hardcover book, print on high quality photo paper)
20 folded pages to dive you in this private photo project

” Red is the color that makes people hungry, crazy and sensual. Sometimes it appears in a nightmare sneaking in my bed.

Living life over in my head causing all the fear to come back alive. Bringing back memories with such drive in them, someone always after me, someone that is not me.

Why can’t it let me go away and let me be free afraid to go to sleep at night

The RED nightmare start and cause such fright it just won’t go away
In my sleep they still betray, make me insane, make me a devil, feelings that are buried deep down.

When I go to sleep it comes around me, my mind, my life I thought free of it

What I think’s behind me, will always stem it; so when I go to bed I pray. That I can sleep tonight, until the day! “

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